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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | Reader Comments | New Products | Paint

New Surfix Finish Applicator


Available on June 1st, 2012 in the United States. Coming soon to Canada.

Final finishing doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming, or messy. The Festool Surfix tackles one of the hardest-to-nail finishing tasks with ease, dispensing oil directly from the squeezable handle and into the sponge, so you can control the amount and the distribution of oil across your surface without covering your hands or clothes. This self-contained system not only provides quick and even distribution but also reduces costs associated with throwaway rags and brushes.

New Surfix Finish Applicator

Quick and Ergonomic - A super clean, easy to use oil dispenser and applicator, the SurFix allows you to achieve an even, balanced natural oil finish without all the mess, stickiness and rework.

Clean and Economical - With more even application and distribution of finishing oil, you'll achieve a more balanced finish while saving money on wasted oil and disposable applicators.

Always The Right Oil - Festool offers three grades of natural Linseed-based oil, including Heavy-Duty, One-Step and Outdoor formulas, suitable for light and dark wood for virtually any indoor or outdoor application.

The Surfix is available as a complete Finishing Set in a Systainer or available as separate components and refills. Replacement bulbs come prefilled with your choice of oil, or in 5 liter bottles with an easy-pour spout for production shops.

New Surfix Finish Applicator

With the Surfix Finishing Application system, putting the final touches on your workpiece just became incredibly simple, clean and frustration-free.


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