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Festool CMS Router Table




CMS: A Superior Router Table by Design.

When our engineers sit down to design a new tool, they don't aim for mediocrity. Only the finest engineering, design, components and finish result in a tool worthy of the Festool name. Why? Because just like you we are passionate about the art and craft of woodworking. The new Festool CMS router table is no exception and it will be available October 1st, 2012.

So, how is it better than any other router table? First, every component of the CMS router table is designed to integrate seamlessly. The CMS router table is not a bunch of components cobbled together from various manufacturers. It's a piece of fine, precision machinery that can do the job like no other router table on the market, right out of the box.

Router table fence

Begin with a router table system designed to completely and fully integrate with the Festool OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers. Add to that the precision machined work surface, fully adjustable fence, exceptional dust extraction capabilities, top mounted height adjustment, standard featherboard and hold-down mechanisms, optional outfeed table, optional sliding table and miter gauge, and your choice of a unit that will attach to your Festool MFT/3 MultiFunction Table or stand alone model. Take all of this precision and capability and make it mobile so you can use it just as easily on the jobsite as you can in the shop. It's pure routing bliss rolled up into a silky smooth aluminum finish.

If you're looking for the best router table available to give you the results you demand, you've just hit the jackpot! Visit our website for complete details on the new CMS Router Table.


CMS Router Table Models.

The CMS Router Table System is available in two different models: the freestanding GE model and the modular MFT/3 add-on VL model. Each of these two models are available in two versions, with and without optional accessories included.

CMS GE Router Table CMS VL Router Table
Freestanding CMS Model GE MFT/3 Add-on CMS Model VL
CMS Model GE Basic, P00112 - Router Table, Router Module and Fence, Auxiliary Dust Hood w/ Starting Pin CMS Model VL Basic, P00110 - Router Table, Router Module and Fence, Auxiliary Dust Hood w/ Starting Pin
CMS Model GE Set, P00111- Router Table, Router Module and Fence, Auxiliary Dust Hood w/ Starting Pin, Miter Gauge, Sliding Table, Table Extension, Dust Extraction Hose Set CMS Model VL Set, P00109- Router Table, Router Module and Fence, Auxiliary Dust Hood w/ Starting Pin, Miter Gauge, Sliding Table, Dust Extraction Hose Set


CMS Router Table Accessories.

For the best value, we've assembled the Set Versions of the CMS, which include the accessories shown below. Please note that the CMS Model VL that connects to the MFT/3 MultiFunction Table is not compatible with the optional Outfeed Table Extension.

Outfeed Table Extension, 492 092

The Outfeed Table Extensions is a great way to add additional support surface area to your CMS Router Table Model GE. Can attach to the outfeed side of the router table without the use of tools in just a few seconds. Dimensions: 14-3/4" x 17-7/8".

CMS Infeed/Outfeed Table

Sliding Table, 492 100

The Sliding Table provides even greater functionality to the CMS Router Table in many ways. First, it multiplies the surface area of the table which translates to greater controllability when maneuvering material and it increases the transfer of stock on the table by providing a rolling support surface that moves with the workpiece. With its integrated, adjustable stop points it is easy to set up repeat cuts like stopped dados. Also built-in to the sliding table are multiple mounting points for the optional miter gauge assembly with fence. The assembly in conjunction with the sliding table provides the means to set angles as well as clamp the material to the fence of the gauge and move the entire piece in harmony with the sliding table.

CMS Sliding Table

Miter Gauge, 488 451

A key component to use with the sliding table, the Miter Gauge provides a strong reference for the placement of stock for repeatable and accurate routing. Use for cutting miters, angled cope cuts, cross-cuts, and many other angled joints. Attaching the miter gauge to the sliding table ensures smooth, accurate, and consistent cuts with less friction than in-table t-slots making repeat cuts a breeze. The attached fence has an integrated T-slot for attaching clamps for secure and stable routing of the workpiece.

CMS Miter Gauge

CMS Dust Extraction Hose Set, 488 292

The CMS Dust Extraction Hose Set offers a single solution for dust extraction from the fence and bottom side of the CMS Router Table. It's made up of a Y-splitter that connects to your Festool CT Dust Extractor and has a 79" (2m) hose to connect to the router underneath the router table with a 27mm fitting and a 39-1/2" (1m) hose with a 36mm fitting for the router table fence.

* Please note the CMS Dust Extraction Hose Set is not compatible with the CT MINI or CT MIDI Dust Extractors.

CMS Hose Set



See your preferred Festool dealer for more information about the new CMS router table. Remember, with Festool's 30-day guarantee, you can try one of our tools risk-free for a month and return it for a refund if it doesn't meet your needs or expectations.



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