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CMS Router Table


Coming October 1st - See it in action!

Last month, we announced the upcoming introduction of the new Festool CMS Router Tableand it looks like many of you like what you've seen so far. This month, we'll share some videos and other content with you so you can see the CMS in action and to help get you up and running once you get it in your shop.

The Wood Whisperer CMS test drive.

Our good friend, Marc Spagnuolo a.k.a. The Wood Whisperer, takes a look at the new CMS Router Table in this video. Marc talks about what he views as some of the benefits and does some routing to let you see the CMS in operation. Check out the video on Marc's CMS blog post and be sure to post your comments and questions at the bottom of the page. And, we're digging the cool Christmas Story leg lamp, Marc.

Wood Whisperer CMS Test Drive

Additional CMS Router Table Videos.

Below, we've compiled a list of some other CMS Router Table videos for you to check out.

Video Mitered cabinet doors with the CMS router table by Brice Burrell
Video Beaded face frame jack miters with the CMS router table by Brice Burrell
Video Using the CMS router table as a jointer by Dave Reinhold
Video Making an oak handrail with the CMS router table by Nigel
Video Making a large tenons with the CMS router table by Nigel
Video CMS router table outfeed table extension (492092) by Festool
Video CMS router table miter gauge (488451) by Festool
Video CMS router table sliding table (492100) by Festool
Video CMS router table hose set (488292) by Festool

Setting up and calibrating the CMS.

We know you'll want to bust open the box when you get your new CMS Router Table and get straight to routing. So, we've put together this instructional video that shows the process of assembling all of the CMS components and calibrating them. The video is roughly eleven minutes in length. If, after watching the video, you still have questions or need assistance, please give us a call toll free at 888-337-8600 and speak to one of our application specialists.

Festool CMS Setup Video

See your preferred Festool dealer for more information about the CMS Router Table or visit our CMS Router Table website. Remember, with Festool's 30-day guarantee, you can try one of our tools risk-free for a month and return it for a refund if it doesn't meet your needs or expectations.


In the spirit of full disclosure, Marc Spagnuolo and Brice Burrell were provided the CMS Router table for evaluation by Festool.

CMS Router Table CMS Router Table CMS Router Table

The Ultimate in Precision

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System Integrated

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