Festool MFS Routing Template

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | Reader Comments | Routers

MFS Router Template System


Circles, arcs, rectangles, and more.

The Festool MFS Routing template gives you yet another way to expand the functionality of your router. The MFS can enable you to easily do open field inlays, borders, cut outs and grommet openings, mortises, circles and arcs. The system can also be used to create jigs, square your MFT/3 fence and rail, guides, and is limited only by your imagination.

The aluminum extrusions are available in various lengths and also in starter kits with everything you need, just add a router.

To get the most out of the MFS, check out these two PDF documents that were written by users of the MFS and show some of what you can do with it.

Video The MFS Routing Template Users Guide by Brice Burrell
Video A Review of the MFS Routing Template by Jerry Work

Check out the video below which shows some of what you can do with the Festool MFS Routing Template System.

MFS Template System


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