Getting started with the OF 1400 Router

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 | Reader Comments | How-To | Routers

OF 1400 Router

If you've not already done so, you may want to head over to, check out the videos on our YouTube Channel, and subscribe so you get notified of new videos. Why? Well, because we're creating a library of video content to help you make better use of your Festool power tools and accessories.

A couple of months ago, we introduced the CMS Router Table and the OF 1400 router is a great complement to it. Since many of you have added the OF 1400 to your stack ofSystainers, or plan to soon, we've put together this instructional video showing how to get up and running with it quickly.

This video includes the following topics:

  • Unboxing the router from the Systainer
  • What's included in the kit
  • How to change router bits
  • How to change collets
  • Attaching dust extraction components
  • How to set the router depth
  • Using the router, attaching the Plug-It cord, and auto-start with CT dust extractor
  • Using guide bushing adapters
  • Optional Guide Stop (492601) use with a guide rail track
  • Aligning the router bit with your cut line using center lines
  • Fine adjustments when using the router on a guide rail
  • Optional Edge Guide (492636) for edge routing, dadoes, profiles, rabbets and inlays
  • Optional Table Widener (493233) for additional base support
  • Optional Small Bore Base (492574) for support with smaller bits


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