Getting started with the TS Track Saw

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 | Reader Comments | How-To | Saws

TS Plunge Saws

We also have a great tutorial video that will help new TS 55 and TS 75 track saw owners get the most our of their saw right out of the Systainer.

You may also want to review the TS 55 Supplemental Manual which is far more extensive than the owners manual included with the saw, which is a great resource. Its contents are also applicable for the TS 75.

Here are some of the topics covered in this video:

  • Basic set up and what's included
  • Overview of functional controls
  • A look at all of the various features of the saw
  • How to perform blade changes
  • Making adjustments and calibrations
  • Using the saw to make various types of cuts
  • Joining guide rails together for longer lengths
  • Basic overview of accessories

Again, visit the Festool Power Tools YouTube Channel for more great video resources and be sure to subscribe, give our videos a like, or leave a comment.


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