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Warner Remodeling

Hard work ethic, staying organized, and the right tools.

By Darcy Warner

When I was young, my summers were filled working with my grandfather and father on a wide range of jobs involving carpentry, farming, and mechanics. They taught me that when you put in hard work, you get quality results. While it wasn't fun at the time, those years instilled in me fundamental work ethics that help me run my business today.

My name is Darcy Warner, I run a carpentry, remodeling, woodworking business. I've been a carpenter for 12 years and most of my work is custom woodwork, onsite remodeling, finish carpentry, built-ins and trim work. Needless to say, none of the jobs I do are the same from one time to the next.

Doing totally custom work for my clients always brings a unique challenge, and I try to perform each project better and faster than the previous one. Inevitably you have to be shuffling tools from different job sites, so having the right tools will help you get to the finished product quicker.

When choosing tools, I always look for durability and quality. That's why I buy Festool tools -- because they hold up. The Systainer eliminates the effort I used to waste searching for tools. It organizes my tools, allows me to pull a tool out, use it for the task at hand, and put it back. No fiddling with supplies, buckets holding tools, or other materials. All my tools are in place, organized, and easy to access.

Festool's most recent update to the TS 55 is the TS 55 REQ track saw. I've been using the TS 55 REQ on a number of jobs from sheet goods, to straight-lining rough cut lumber, to putting in subflooring and custom trim work. It's simple to use and the mobility of the saw lets you take it into any indoor job site, so you don't have to take your material outdoors to cut. You can just about eliminate a big job site table saw. With the accessories that come with it, like different length guide rails, the CT dust extractor and clamps, it makes previously hard tasks quick and easy. That way, I can spend time focusing on the big picture of the project, rather than the small, individual tasks.

Festool makes products of heirloom quality and that's reflected in the work I do. I've been using their tools for the last 6 years and they're always consistent, durable, and most of all, accurate. Although they don't make everything, the tools they do make are sure a heck of a lot better than anything else.

Warner Remodeling Video Trivia.

Festo Mortiser

In the video of Darcy Warner, there's a segment where he's in his shop running a blue and green chain mortiser. That chain mortiser was made in the mid-1950s by Festo, the previous name for Festool. This is a testament to the quality of our tools and that they are built to last.

You can count on your Festool power tool being built for your toughest demands. All of our power tools are covered by a standard three year warranty.

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