The Organic Bed by Jory Brigham.

Friday, March 15, 2013 | Reader Comments | Paint | Reviews

Projects by You

Watch this time lapse video from Jory Brigham Designs showing the process of constructing one of this signature custom furniture pieces, the Organic Bed.

This video does a great job of illustrating how Festool power tools can be incorporated into your shop and projects. Once you see the finish project, we think you'll agree that the results are exceptional. Wonder how much one of these will set you back? A cool $6,200.

Here's what Jory had to say about his use of Festool power tools...

"The only people you hear asking questions like 'Is Festool worth it?' are those who've never tried Festool tools. Since I started using Festool, they've made my job easier and quicker. They're tools that, after using once, I just couldn't do without. They set and consistently raise the standard for all tools, even ones that Festool doesn't make."

Also, check out this video where Jory talks about how the Festool TS 55 integrates into his workflow producing exceptional results that meet this customers' high exceptions, and his own.

A special thanks to Jory for sharing his experiences with Festool and documenting his amazing Organic Bed project.

Projects by You.

We really enjoy seeing what you're doing with your Festool power tools. Here are a few projects that we've seen shared on the web the past couple of months. For more projects, check out the member projects section of the Festool Owners Group forum.

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your project photos with us. Maybe you'll be featured in our next email newsletter. Thanks to those who took the time to share your photos and video with us! Let's check out more recent projects shared by you.

Your Projects Your Projects Your Projects

Mystery Project
on Half Inch Shy Blog

Our friend Paul-Marcel of the Half Inch Shy blog is always entertaining and educational. If you have a spare hour on your hands, check out his last video project documentary.

24' Walnut Wall Unit
on Festool Owners Group

Kreg MacMahon is the self-proclaimed king of built ins. While most of Kreg's units are painted, this monstrous wall unit is made from solid walnut on-site with Festool.

Family Room Built In Units
on Festool Owners Group

Apparently built in units are hot right now, because here's another one by Fulton Fine Woodworks in Kentucky. If you're not offering your clients built ins, maybe now's the time to.

Your Projects Your Projects Your Projects

Walnut High Boy
on Festool Owners Group

This project is more art than furniture, it's a high boy with exposed Domino joinery. Inspired by the theme of "anatomy", this is an interesting project shared by a FOG member in the Chicago area.

Boat slips.
on Facebook

Will Hicks shared this photo of a project to dress up the slips at his boat house. We have to say that this is an exceptional example of decking and turn out gorgeous. Be sure to share your projects with us!

Stripping finishes
on Twitter

Our friend, Kayleen McCabe of Rescue Renovation on the DIY Network, shows off a project where she stripped poly from this piece using her RO 125 sander. She suggests that the RO 125 should be renamed the "magic wand". We agree.


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