The TS 55 REQ Track Saw - Available Now

Sunday, November 17, 2013 | Reader Comments | Saws

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The new TS 55 REQ represents the most advanced plunge cut saw and guide rail system we've ever built. Watch the video!

The TS 55 REQ is not your standard circular saw. With its accuracy and versatility, a better comparison would be to the most advanced table saws, miter saws or panel saws available. Add in its incredible portability and unbelievable ease of use, and you have a precision-cutting solution like no other, at home in the highest-end cabinet shop as well as an onsite remodel. With the addition of micro-adjustable depth controls and a flat housing for flush-cutting against walls or adjacent surfaces, the TS 55 REQ is our most advanced plunge cut track saw ever, which is saying a lot.

But, don't take our word for it. Pros and editors agree that the Festool TS 55 is the best track saw available.

See our website for pricing and to find a Festool dealer near you.

Jory Brigham

Now for a little levity, watch this video from Spencer Ratliff demonstrating some "interesting" features and uses of the TS 55 REQ Track Saw.

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