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Thursday, May 22, 2014 | Reader Comments | Joiners

This is Carpentry

Check out this video and accompanying in-depth article by Robby Myer and Gary Katz fromThis is Carpentry demonstrating the process for constructing a custom door.

In this video, Gary Katz is in the process of building doors and gates for his new shop location. He takes a couple of minutes at the beginning of the video to talk about his experiences with the Domino Joiners and then goes to visit Robby Myer of Architectural Wood Products to see how he builds his custom doors.

Robby goes through the process of laminating his rails and stiles, followed by marking and mortising his joints with the Domino XL Joiner. Robby then uses the Festool OF 2200 Router to rout a groove for his door panels. The Domino allows small shops like Robby's to produce faster, strong mortise and tenon joinery in a fraction of the time of other joinery methods.

For a more detailed overview of the entire process, read the illustrated article on the This is Carpentry website.

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Domino Tenons vs. Dowels

Below, you can see the glue surface area of various Domino tenon sizes compared to dowels. Domino tenons have the advantage of not rotating, which increases precision and alignment.

Equivalent Glue Surface Area
8mm Domino Tenon 11/16" (18mm) Dowel
10mm Domino Tenon 13/16" (21mm) Dowel
12mm Domino Tenon 15/16" (24mm) Dowel
14mm Domino Tenon 1-1/16" (26mm) Dowel


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